How We Work

  • Due diligence

    Gather information from the Hiring Manager/HR to understand their needs and profile of their ‘ideal person’.

    Research relevant companies that are a good technology fit and gather names for a recruit campaign.

    Understanding the “fit” & screening

    Contact anywhere from 75-100+ candidates with the goal of surfacing people that are a good fit for the job that meet your ‘ideal profile’.

    Thoroughly screen candidates based on job qualifications, culture fit, compensation and motivation.

    Presenting a “fit”

    When the short list of top candidates have been surfaced, we will present and discuss their credentials with you verbally on the phone and provide a written presentation, highlighting exactly why we feel they are a perfect fit for the role.

    We will not present people to you that are shopping, our candidates will be prepared to accept an opportunity if mutual requirements are met.

    Managing them through the process & preparation

    We will provide you with the candidates availability for each stage of the interview and once an interview has been scheduled, we prepare the candidates so that they are ready to see you.

    We thoroughly reference check all candidates prior to an offer. We have a thorough reference check that is typed up and sent over for your attention.

    Ready to close

    We provide you with the candidate’s salary requirements so that if and when an offer is extended, the candidate is ready to accept.

    We cover resignation, counteroffer and keep in regular contact with the candidate during his/her two week notice period to make sure that it is a smooth transition.

    Follow up

    We will continue to follow up in the weeks after the hire to ascertain the employee’s performance and your satisfaction.

    The Start of a successful relationship between Terry Associates & Client Company!