• For Candidates –  Why Work With Us?

    Confidentiality and Protecting your policy is key to helping us build a long term relationship with you! Making sure that your job search is confidential is a priority to us. Any information that you send to us will be kept on our files in confidence and your resume will not be sent out anywhere without getting your full permission to do so first.

    We will help you from start to finish and with our proven track record of successfully leveraging peoples careers, we will assist you every step of the way:

    1. Career Planning (expert advice on how to meet your professional goals and leverage your career.)

    2. Resume Tips (structure the perfect resume that is going to sell your career story the best).

    3. Interviewing Tips (how to put your best foot forward – a checklist to help you succeed in the interview). View our candidate preparation/checklist.  View our “thank you” letter for a strong follow up after each interview.

    4. The ‘right way’ to resign (resign with your head held high and do not burn any bridges. View our resignation letter template.

    5. Relocation (we are there for you from start to finish throughout your search campaign and can offer relocation support and advice for you and your family).

    6. Strong follow up (we don’t see your resignation and acceptance of a new position as the end, we see it as a new beginning in continuing to build a long term relationship with you. We will follow up periodically after you have started to make sure that everything is running smoothly and will take great pride at seeing your career grow.